Main Contracting Civil Works & Infrastructure 132 KVA OVERHEAD TRANSMISSION LINE

Client: Dubai Electricity & Water Authority DEWA.

Project Description:

One of the most logistically difficult projects undertaken by Convrgnt, this transmission line runs from the village of Mellaha, over the Hatta Mountain Range, crosses through 3 state territories before ending in the town of Hatta.

Scope of Works

Scope of Works

Civil Works Main Sub-Contractor:

  • Earthworks and Rock Excavation
  • RCC structure
  • Temporary Access Roads


The hostile terrain with sheer rock faces and the mountain peaks where the transmission towers were located was mostly inaccessible. Provision of all supplies was maintained by a large fleet of company owned 4WD vehicles.

The project route was mapped and planned using aerial photographs of the area and over 100 kilometres of access roads built to reach the tower locations, many locations accessed via temporary road with a gradient of 60 degrees and some at peaks 300m high.

Over 9,000 cubic metres of rock were excavated and over 6,000 cubic metres of concrete poured. This required exact scheduling and communications. High degree of control was required when placing concrete to the ‘pad and chimney’ foundations. Steel templates and precision instrumentation were used to align and plumb each tower leg stub and freeze its position until concrete set.

The civil works were successfully completed within the contract period.