Environmental policy

Convrgnt is an environmentally conscious and responsible company. We are committed to developing, promoting and achieving the better standards in environmental practice and the continued development of solutions to improve the built environment that we operate in.

It is the company’s policy to develop, implement and maintain an Environmental Management System (EMS) in compliance with BS EN ISO 14001.

By implementing an EMS it is the company’s declared objective to:

  • Maintain awareness of relevant standards, applicable legislation, industry best practices and to continually monitor operations to ensure full compliance.
  • Continually review and seek out opportunities to improve and develop processes and procedures to enhance the environmental performance of the company.
  • Reduce, and where practical, eliminate hazardous and noxious emissions to air, water and soil.
  • Encourage reduction, re-use, recycling and recovery of resources in all areas of the company’s operations.
  • Encourage and enhance environmental awareness, sound environmental principles and commitment amongst the company’s staff through structured training.
  • Work effectively with subcontractors, suppliers and clients to encourage environmental awareness and identify and share best practices and new techniques to reduce environmental impact.
  • Respond positively to environmental developments by reviewing such issues with relevant authorities, local communities or other bodies.